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A rarity in the world of Wargames & figure painting. A female, the better half of Kev at the Cabin "Kevs Wargames Cabin" blog.
I am very new to painting, although I have put up with Kevs obsession for some time. Well if you can't beat them, join them.
I am very new to all this painting malarkey, this blog is really to show my progress as I hopefully get better. I do game sometimes, "Saga" & "Magic the Gathering". I love all things Tolkien & have a keen interest in history.
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Saturday, 7 September 2013


At last cut off is over and I can resume my life :)

Planning on painting this weekend probably Sunday as me and my hubby are preparing to have a saga battle this afternoon. I will be bring out my Welsh against what ever army Kev throws at me. I haven't played for a while so a bit rusty.

I will be taking pics and with Kevs help posting my first ever battle report.

Watch this space............



  1. Have fun playing saga, don't beat up on Kev too bad.

  2. do not listen to Sean beat him till he cries for mercy