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A rarity in the world of Wargames & figure painting. A female, the better half of Kev at the Cabin "Kevs Wargames Cabin" blog.
I am very new to painting, although I have put up with Kevs obsession for some time. Well if you can't beat them, join them.
I am very new to all this painting malarkey, this blog is really to show my progress as I hopefully get better. I do game sometimes, "Saga" & "Magic the Gathering". I love all things Tolkien & have a keen interest in history.
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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fun and games before the wedding

Wedding tomorrow oooh. But first fun and games tonight. My Kev and Andy (Loki) and a few other mates coming round for one of kevs fun wargames. Kev is umpire/cardmaster and he has an evil look in his eyes so watch out boys ha ha ha! I will be watching although my lovely son and I will be battling ourselves with a bit of mtg, green againt his nasty green tonight. Lots of laughs and tea (made by me of course) A week off work so defo painting on the agenda when I have recovered. Stressful business wedding lol


  1. Tea did I hear Tea mentioned OOh I like a good Cuppa!!

    1. Need to keep u sweet cos ya giving a speech tomoz. I'll throw in biscuits too!

    2. If your using bribes may I suggest Cream cakes :)

  2. Best wishes to you both for tomorrow, and for tonight's games :)

  3. Thanks Tamsin mtg was cancelled had house full of family and friends. My son says he won by default lol. Game in full swing and great fun being had by all. :)