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A rarity in the world of Wargames & figure painting. A female, the better half of Kev at the Cabin "Kevs Wargames Cabin" blog.
I am very new to painting, although I have put up with Kevs obsession for some time. Well if you can't beat them, join them.
I am very new to all this painting malarkey, this blog is really to show my progress as I hopefully get better. I do game sometimes, "Saga" & "Magic the Gathering". I love all things Tolkien & have a keen interest in history.
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Thursday, 7 March 2013

First figures finished at last

Well at last the first group archers are done! Not bad if I say so myself but a quick look at the faces and any adversary would run a mile lol.
I found this very relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed painting these. I still have so much to learn but will enjoy the learning part too. The faces as you can probably see are my downfall and wonder if all of my future figures will ever look like normal people.

These are for Kev's new Seige game rules soon to be on his blog.
Never considered painting before until I had broken bones and had to rest. Every cloud has a silver lining as I really do enjoy it.

Kev is to spend a little time teaching me different techniques (painting that is) but all advice very welcome.

Will be staying with 54mm for a while till all the Seige missile troops are completed and have set myself the goal of finishing all of them for him. He has a challenge for me after this, something to do with elephants???


  1. Very nice job on painting the figures. Just start trying different things if you feel like painting the faces. With up close photography we see all the little blemishes and become our own worst critics. Keep doing what you are doing, you will only get better.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and advice Sean. I think some of it is confidence but the more I do the more confidence I will get. Looked at yours and many other peoples painting and the standard is amazing there are some wicked artists. Am in awe of the talent. :) Charlie